October 4, 2022

Removing Product Buildup with Scalp Scrubbing

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removing scalp buildup

What is Scalp Scrubbing?

Scalp is the topmost layer of the hair bed and it’s well-being is responsible for healthy hair growth. Various scalp problems including dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. may be linked to reduced hair density and hair growth due to chronic inflammation. Which further leads to hair thinning and breakage. 

Cleansing the scalp is important to fight scalp infections and maintaining overall scalp health. Buildup on the scalp from products like shampoos, oils, serums etc. can cause the formation of yeast which in turn causes these scalp issues.

Is cleaning the scalp with shampoo enough to remove buildup? Exfoliating the scalp is an effective way to get rid of the excess build up (dead skin cells and excess oil) on the scalp. 

How to Exfoliate the Scalp?

  1. Chemical exfoliants- Salicylic acid scalp scrub.
  2. Scalp clays.
  3. Scrubbing combs- Massage into the scalp. 
  4. Mild hair scalp scrubs with scrubbing particles. 

How often should you scrub or exfoliate your scalp?

Exfoliating the scalp can be therapeutic to the scalp but it should not be done more than once a week because over exfoliating the scalp can do some damage to the follicles and can cause the scalp to produce more oil. 

Do’s of scalp scrubbing or exfoliating:

  1. Scalp scrubbing should be done on wet hair only.
  2. Exfoliation or scrubbing should be gentle.
  3. Do it once a week for healthy scalp scrubbing routine.                     

Try This: Natural DIY Scalp Scrubs

  1. Coconut oil + Honey + Sugar + pepper mint oil/ tea-tree oil. 
  2. Brown sugar + finely ground oatmeal + conditioner. 
  3. Coffee + almond oil or olive oil.

Although, scalp scrubbing or exfoliating is not the only way to keep the health of your scalp sane but other healthy habits also aids in the betterment of scalp and hair health like diet, nutrition, healthy washing and hygiene.

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-Written by Sushmita Majumdar

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