October 12, 2022

Glossary: Vagina

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The Correct Terminology

The term, “vagina,” is commonly used to refer to the entire female genitalia; however, there are more anatomic structures than just the vagina. Here’s a quick infographic to review:

Vagina Anatomy

  • Mons pubis – fleshy tissue that protects the pubic bone; covered with pubic hair
  • Labia majora – the outer lips usually covered in pubic hair
  • Labia minora – inside of the outer lips and extend from the clitoris to below the vaginal opening; protects the urethral opening and vaginal opening
  • Urethral opening – where urine is expelled from
  • Vagina – the external opening of the vagina; where menstrual blood leaves the body and babies are born from
  • Clitoris – just the tip is seen; spongy tissue that is extremely sensitive and extends internally
  • Anus – feces (poop) is expelled from the body here

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-Written by Paavana Varanasi


Image from https://www.mayoclinic.org/vulva/img-20005974

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