October 12, 2022

The Meaning Behind Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnancy and Cravings

More often than not, expecting mothers talk about strange pregnancy cravings, but what is the meaning behind these strange cravings? Some of these cravings include a certain dish, or a wacky food combination of some sort like pickles with ice cream, bananas dipped in mayonnaise, the list is endless. But, what are the implications that different food cravings can have on the condition of pregnancies?

The Different Types of Cravings

Spicy Foods

Expecting women can crave spicy dishes more often than they did before becoming pregnant and those who may have been spice intolerant pre-pregnancy, may crave for it more during their term. Overall, taste buds change during and after pregnancy. This sudden desire is caused by hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. There are theories behind this phenomenon. Some may say that craving more spice can indicate that you may have a baby boy. Others say that it may be due to the body’s natural instinct to cool off, as eating spice can induce sweating. The good news is that eating spicy foods in higher quantities is not harmful to the fetus at all. However, it is interesting to note that eating a lot of it can change the flavor of the amniotic fluid, which can therefore, influence the baby’s taste buds, making them more keen on spice.

Sweet Foods

On the other hand, craving sweets and desserts is also fairly common amongst pregnant women.  It can be due to a drop in blood sugar. While craving sweets is completely valid and not harmful to the fetus, it can be unhealthy for the mother. It can result in sugar crashes and involuntary weight gain. These strong cravings can easily be curbed by incorporating a few practices into your daily routine. Expecting mothers can eat smaller and more frequent meals and be sure to eat breakfast in the morning.  

Ice Cream and Dairy

Craving ice cream can be associated with wanting sweets, however it can oftentimes indicate a deficiency. This could be a deficiency in some sort of vitamin or mineral, such as calcium or vitamin D.  When the baby is growing in the mom’s tummy, it needs high levels of calcium intake in order to develop properly. For those who are lactose intolerant, yogurts, milks, and cheeses can be hard to digest, which is why a lot of expecting mothers turn to ice cream.  

Sour/Salty Foods (i.e. Pickles)

Pickles are one of the most popular pregnancy cravings out there. Not only are they eaten alone, but they are put together in interesting food combinations, like pickles and ice cream or pickles and chocolate.  Craving such flavors can indicate low sodium levels.  In this case, it’s definitely healthier to satisfy this by eating snacks like pickled vegetables or olives, instead of increasing salt intake.

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-Written by Kaila An







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