October 24, 2022

The Most Optimal Pre-Workout Routines

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The Immediate Effects of a Workout Routine

The key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy body is incorporating regular exercise into one’s daily routine. Professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.  This can take place in the form of hiking, jogging/running, yoga, pilates, playing a sport, etc. Many women go beyond this recommendation and take their wellness and body condition very seriously. Once you become an avid gym-goer, runner, etc., other factors start to matter. You start to pay more attention to your diet, your water intake, post-workout routines, and even pre-workout routines.  

Diving into Pre-Workout Routines

Majority of people know that a usual post-workout routine would entail stretching and cooldown to prevent injury, eating something that will nourish the body and help to build muscles, incorporating protein into your diet, etc.  However, pre-workout routines are not discussed nearly as much, resulting in more confusion surrounding what routine is most optimal for having a good workout.

Overall, having a pre-workout plan is beneficial, because it can increase performance, increase energy, and delay the feeling of being tired or in pain.  The most common practice is taking some sort of pre-workout supplement, which can come in the form of a powder, shake, pill, or sort of energy bar.  Some of the most common supplements are in the form of amino acids: BCAAs and EAAs (branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids). BCAAS are more effective in fatigue and muscle damage prevention while EAAs are more for muscle growth/muscle protein synthesis. It really is up to the user’s preference.  Other popular pre-workout methods are carbohydrate pre-workout, which runners would refer to as “carbo-loading”, caffeine pre-workout, and creatine pre-workout.

Pre-Workout Method: Caffeine and Protein

The caffeine pre-workout method has been on the rise, recently.  It is beneficial, in that it reduces fatigue, gives an energy boost, increases endurance, and increases power output. While these are all general outcomes of taking pre-workout, people have reported that they see more impactful and prolonged results with caffeine.  You can choose to either take a pre-workout product with caffeine already incorporated into it or drink your caffeine of choice before a workout.  A study conducted in 2010 proved that it was extremely effective in a sample of people completing HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines and running.

Getting your morning coffee in before that daily run can propel you and your fitness to new heights.  You can not only feel alert for the day, but you will also minimize fatigue and pain that may be felt from a workout.  This routine can only make incorporating exercise into your life that much easier.

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-Written by Kaila An





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