December 1, 2022

Insomnia and Perimenopause: Natural Cures 

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If you’ve been spending hours in bed, scrolling through social media and tossing and turning you may be experiencing insomnia. There are lots of natural cures for insomnia that can help you sleep like a baby, some of these include changes to your diet, substituting drinks, and event meditation techniques.

Natural Sleep Remedies

  1. Never eat right before sleep or starve before sleeping because it creates poor sleeping cycles and gastrointestinal issues which could lead to poor sleeping routine overall. 
  2. Do the lying butterfly pose before going to bed where you must lie on your back and bring your soles together by bending your knees outward. This releases the tension and stress and helps the body to relax. 
  3. Make a sleeping potion: Mix a little honey, sea salt, coconut oil, and warm water to make a warm tea and sleep immediately because this tea reduces cortisol spikes which may disrupt the sleeping cycle. 
  4. Include a magnesium supplement or eat foods rich in magnesium which might help with regulating sleep. Some great foods which contain magnesium are spinach, dark chocolate, almonds, edamame, and bananas. 
  5. Avoid caffeine, matcha or black tea before sleeping. Caffeinated drinks will keep you wide awake further messing up your natural sleeping cycle. 
  6. Practice meditation: Try meditation guided with breathing exercises to regulate sleep. This will help reduce stress and regulate sleeping patterns. 

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-Written by Sushmita Majumdar

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