January 20, 2023

Skin Changes and Perimenopause

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The decrease in estrogen during perimenopause and with age causes skin changes. Here, we’ll review a few of the common skin changes that can occur. 

Skin Wrinkles

Decreased estrogen leads to a decrease in collagen, the protein found in skin, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue. This leads to thinner and less elastic skin, making the skin more prone to wrinkles. 

Prevention is key, since there is no true treatment for skin wrinkles.

  1. Ensure adequate skin hydration. 
  2. Use sunscreen to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays
  3. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. 
  4. Retinols can be used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dry skin

Dryness of the skin also becomes more pronounced with the hormonal imbalance. This is also contributed to by age itself. Skin tends to become thinner, which allows moisture to evaporate more easily. In addition, the loss of collagen also contributes to loss in moisture. This makes the skin dry and itchy. 

Battle this by using topical emollients daily. Ensure adequate hydration. 


The hormonal imbalance also contributes to acne breakouts. This can cause a resurgence of acne that many women have not experienced since teenage years. Perimenopausal acne can yield longer breakouts and be more prone to scarring since the skin is not at its prime. Prevention is key, but if acne does occur, topical products can be utilized to manage the breakout. 


Skin darkening in areas, or hyperpigmentation, can occur during perimenopause. Hormones play a role in hyperpigmentation. The hyperpigmentation isn’t usually harmful, but can be bothersome to physical appearance. Using sunscreen to prevent sun damage can help prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation, but in general, there is no fix for this occurrence.

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-Written by Paavana Varanasi

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