January 26, 2023

Eczema and Perimenopause

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What is eczema?

This condition is also known as atopic dermatitis. It is a skin condition in which dry, itchy skin with scaly patches and blisters occur. This is a chronic condition that tends to have flares. While it is irritating, it is not contagious. While eczema tends to occur in young children, it can occur at any age. 

What’s the association with perimenopause?

Due to the hormonal changes during perimenopause, the changes in skin quality (see “Skin changes and perimenopause”) can cause eczema to appear. The skin becomes more sensitive, thinner, and drier. These changes make the skin more prone to eczematous rashes. 

What to do?

Utilize natural fabrics and dyes and avoid perfumes to help reduce the risk for a flare. This helps keep the skin calm, since perimenopausal skin is more sensitive and prone to reaction. 

Topical creams and lotions can help the skin stay moisturized and also prevent eczematous flares. If these don’t work, talk to your doctor about using a topical steroid cream or other prescription cream to help with the rash. 

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-Written by Paavana Varanasi

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