January 31, 2023

8 Simple Yoga Poses for Perimenopause Relief

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8 Simple Yoga Poses for Perimenopause Relief

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Relieve Perimenopause Symptoms with Yoga

Yoga can help with hormone regulation, weight management and loss, and improved flexibility, stability, and endurance, among other benefits. While almost all poses help with muscle stretching and strengthening, some poses can help in perimenopause

Shoulder stand – helps with stress and depression; reduces fatigue and insomnia 

yoga shoulder stand perimenopause

Head-to-knee bend – helps with stress and emotional stabilization

yoga head to knee bend perimenopause

Marichi’s pose – helps with depression, anxiety, and constipation

marichis pose yoga perimenopause

Reclining bound angle pose – stretches the pelvic muscles and reduces hot flashes, promotes relaxation, and helps regulate hormones

Yoga reclining bound angle pose perimenopause

Sphinx pose – helps increase feelings of joy and energy

yoga sphinx pose perimenopause

Legs up the wall pose – reduces leg edema, promotes relaxation, and helps with hot flashes

Yoga Legs Up the wall pose perimenopause

Seated wide angle pose – tones the uterus and reduces heavy bleeding; stretches the hamstrings, helping with low back pain

Yoga seated wide angle pose perimenopause

Downward dog – improves memory, increases bone density, promotes oxygen supply to the brain, improves energy levels and alertness

Yoga downward dog perimenopause
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-Written by Paavana Varanasi

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