April 25, 2023

5 Quick and Easy Perimenopause-Friendly Recipes

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5 Quick and Easy Perimenopause-Friendly Recipes

Women experiencing perimenopause and menopause can be affected by weight fluctuations due to hormonal changes. Maintaining a healthy weight can help with minimizing the effects of hormonal changes, and managing your perimenopause symptoms. Check out this list of 5 quick and easy perimenopause-friendly recipes below to help you get started.


Recipe 1: Overnight Oats with Berries

Mix ½ cup of old-fashioned oats, ⅔ cup of milk, and a pinch of salt. Add maple syrup or honey as a sweetener if needed. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Top with berries and peanut butter and serve. 

Recipe 2: Veggie Omelet

Chop 2 tomatoes, a handful of spinach, and 1 bell pepper. Set aside. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and whip with a fork. Pour the beaten eggs into a pan on medium heat. When the egg is almost done, add the vegetables over the top with a little shredded cheese. Flip with a spatula and let cook for 1-2 more minutes on the other side. When done, fold over, plate, and enjoy!

Recipe 3: Avocado and Mixed Berry Smoothie

Blend 1.5 cups of frozen berries, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of spinach, ½ ripe avocado, and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup until smooth and creamy. Serve immediately. Taken from thekitchnn.com.


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Recipe 4: Lemon-baked salmon sheet pan

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place 1.75 pounds of boneless salmon filets skin-side down. Season with salt and pepper. Bring water to a boil in a medium saucepan and add 1/2 cauliflower head (sliced horizontally) and blanch for 4 minutes. Place blanched cauliflower around salmon. Sprinkle it with pine nuts and tarragon. Drizzle baking sheet with olive oil. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and rest for 5 minutes. Then serve 1 piece of salmon with cauliflower and toppings. 

(Taken from dietdoctor.com) 

Recipe 5: Cauliflower mac and cheese

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Add 1 cauliflower head broken down to florets to water and cover. Cook for 5-6 minutes, until soft, and then strain. Simultaneously, sauté 1 medium diced onion, 2 minced cloves of garlic, and 2 tsp minced thyme until soft. Add ¼ tsp ground nutmeg and 1 tsp mustard. Place the cauliflower and onion mixture into a blender, add 150mL stock, and blend. Cook 1 cup lentil pasta according to instructions on packet, until pasta is al dente. Mix pasta with blended cauliflower sauce and place into 8×10 baking dish. Top with grated cheese and breadcrumbs and place into oven. Bake for 35-40 min, until it is golden and bubbly. (Taken from onstella.com

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-Written by Paavana Varanasi

Originally published February 2023

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