June 18, 2023

CrossFit Benefits to Help With Perimenopause

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CrossFit is a popular exercise program that many people enjoy. It is a tough workout that usually lasts an hour. These workouts includes lifting weights, cardio, and moving your body in different ways. Doing regular exercise, like CrossFit, can be helpful for women going through perimenopause. Here are five benefits of doing CrossFit:

Benefits of CrossFit

Hormonal Balance and Mood Regulation: When women go through perimenopause, their hormones change and can make them feel moody, anxious, or sad. They may have a hard time balancing hormones and their mood. However, CrossFit can make them feel more stronger and more confident. With regular exercise, it can help balance their hormones and improve their mood. It can also make them feel more happy.

Muscle Strength and Bone Health: Women going through perimenopause may lose some muscle and bone strength due to the decrease in estrogen levels. This can cause many health issues. CrossFit exercises can help the muscles stay strong and even make their muscles grow. These exercises include lifting weights and doing strength training. By doing these exercises, it also makes the bones stay strong. This can help prevent any health issues. It reduces the chance of getting fractures and osteoporosis.

Heart Health and Weight Control: During perimenopause, some women may gain weight and see their body changes. This can increase the chance of getting chronic health issues like diabetes or heart problems. It can also cause emotional problems such as stress and sadness. CrossFit includes exercises that are good for the heart and burn calories. It can also help control weight and improve how the body looks. CrossFit can help women stay at a healthy weight and feel more confident.

Increased Energy and Better Sleep: Many women going through perimenopause feel tired and have trouble sleeping. These are common problems of perimenopause. Many women have a hard time with these problems. But doing CrossFit can help reduce these problems. The workouts challenge the body and make it stronger. It can help give more energy throughout the day and help with sleep. Women who do CrossFit can have better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. By adding CrossFit into their routines, it can help fight feeling tired and improve sleep.

Sense of Community and Support: CrossFit is known for being a supportive and inclusive community. Sometimes, going through perimenopause can make women feel lonely. However, taking part in CrossFit classes gives them a chance to meet other people with similar health and fitness goals. The CrossFit community can provide the support that women need during this time. Being part of the community can make women feel positive and motivated to keep exercising.

For women going through perimenopause, CrossFit has many good benefits. It can help women feel more control of their health and feel better. In addition, it can help balance hormones, improve mood, and boost energy levels. It also makes the muscles stronger, improves heart health, and increases stamina. However, it is also important to talk to a doctor before starting any exercise program.

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Written by Karen Manalac

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