June 28, 2023

An Apple a Day Helps the Symptoms Go Away

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Apples are a type of fruit that have many benefits. Even though there are no specific foods that can cure all symptoms of perimenopause, fruits have benefits that can help with one’s general health and wellbeing. For instance, apples have ingredients that can provide support especially with someone experiencing symptoms of perimenopause. Including apples in your diet can provide many benefits such as:

Benefits of Apples

  1. Rich in Nutrients: Apples are not only tasty, they are rich in nutrients. They are a great source of fiber which helps with weight control and improve digestion. In addition, they contain vitamins such as vitamin C that helps boost the immune system and production of collagen. Apples also contain natural sugars which can help stabilize blood sugar levels. By controlling blood sugar levels, it can help prevent mood swings related to perimenopause.
  2. Hormonal Balance: Women going through perimenopause may experience hormonal imbalance. By eating apples, it can help control hormone levels and ease the symptoms. Some symptoms that women often experience are night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes. Apples contain a plant substance that copies the effects of estrogen which helps balance the hormone levels. 
  3. Heart Health and Bone Strength: Heart disease and osteoporosis increases during perimenopause. There are substance such as fiber and antioxidants that help lower the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.
  4. Weight Control: During perimenopause, the metabolism starts to slow down and can cause weight gain. Having substances such as fiber and natural sugars can help avoid overeating and eating sweets. Furthermore it can help with weight control and is a great substitute for sweets.

Experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause can be difficult. Apples can help reduce these symptoms with its many benefits. However, it is still important to speak to a doctor about how to properly maintain the symptoms of perimenopause. 

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Written by Karen Manalac

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