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In the year 2022, an era when access to information is at our fingertips through smartphones (thank you Steve) everything comes easy - except access to women's health information. Folks will Google symptoms and treatments first before ever asking their doctor. But, now we’re seeing a trend in health information being accessed via social media.

We agree that TikTok and Instagram health accounts are awesome! But, what happens when social media companies block content specifically to women's health?

"A sloppy AI that is flagging women's health content as sex or porn." - K. Cahojova 

In January of 2022, The New York Times reported that Facebook rejected 60 advertisements from sexual health brands. These are brands that have something important to offer - a service, a product or some kind of health education content to help women live healthier lives.

The algorithm doesn't agree with us, and as keeg CEO Kristina Cahojova said it “Women’s health is suppressed on social media. It’s not because we are violating terms and conditions, it’s because a sloppy AI that is flagging us as sex or porn.” The reality is that these are not real people that are taking a deep dive into the purpose of the content, it picks up a couple of keywords and makes a decision within seconds to block the article on strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

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We are lowering the barrier to accessing health information on the least talked about health and wellness topics affecting women today, by providing a safe space for them to openly discuss and engage with others in the community and learn from each other.

MISSION: To bring women at the forefront of health and wellness.

VISION: To bring women at the forefront of innovation.

What happens when social media blocks health information you need?

What happens when social media blocks women's health information?

Looking up symptoms and treatments online prior to talking to a healthcare provider is not news, everyone does it. But, social media becoming the new Dr. Google is a whole new trend, a trend that is not well understood by the algorithm.

Turns out the bots have less than 2 seconds to determine if health content is appropriate or explicit (i.e. porn). If the content picks up the words sex, vagina or breast, it will most likely flag it as explicit content and block the post or even suspend the user’s account. But, these are legit scientific words used by the highest ranking universities and health organizations in the world.

Traditional social media platforms weren’t built with the intent to inform users about their health and bodies - but WE ARE. We don’t shy away from real terminology - It’sFetch will continue to use these terms and never shy from using them for the intent to normalize conversations in women’s health.


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