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You’re like the health guru of your group of friends aren’t cha? How awesome is it to know the latest scoop on health + wellness and share it with your friends? We love sharing too! 

Join a community of supporting women passionate about health + wellness. Share tips, tricks, articles, trends, or the lates wellness scoop. 

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘There’s not such thing as a dumb question’ - and we agree. Every question is an opportunity for everyone to learn something new.  

There's no such thing as TMI. Ask Away!

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There’s no such thing as TMI - we live by these words. We created a safe space to engage in health conversations - free of stigma and judgment. 

real conversations:

"How do you cope with anxiety? My anxiety has been sky rocketing over the last few years?"-Anonymous

"Thankfully, there are a great number of things we can do for ourselves that do not require medications. I am a firm believer that we can make big changes to how we feel by attending to ourselves with a holistic practice, meaning caring for the mind, body and spirit which is what creates wholeness of our being."

- barbara, nurse

What's your favorite topic in wellness? 

We love research in women's health - especially trends on technology. If you're anything like us, you too must be well versed in some interesting topics - and we need you in our community ASAP!

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Joining the It’sFetch Community is totally free. Women’s health information should be free to access to everyone and anyone. We do love inclusivity, and we ask to treat all members with courtesy and respect.

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