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We're here to lower the barrier to access to women's health.

Let’s give you access to health resources + a community of supportive women passionate about health and wellness. 

Hey, We're It'sFetch. 

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We help women access health information on some of the most taboo, and least discussed topics in women’s health, and pair it with a safe community that allows them to openly discuss health topics without stigma or judgment.

It is through health information and community that we empower women to make informed decisions about their health  + wellness.

"if you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together" 

-African Proverb

We are here because we believe

You Deserve
Access + Support 

It’sFetch is giving women a voice through health content as a health and wellness brand that leverages the power of community and health information to own the wellness conversation on real issues that impact women today.

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What's Fetch

Checkout our health focused community platform. Go ahead, drop a  question - chances are someone in the community has been-there and done-that.

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

- Margaret Wheatley

Access our growing library of health + wellness resources. Content developed by experts in the field of public health. 

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Jump Start Your Wellness Journey

Jump start your wellness journey with the It'sFetch Self-Care Workbook. 

Try These 50 Simple Tips on How to Relax

Ok... this is a print and post to your fridge kind of guide. We dare you to try all of them at least once.

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Ever given a total stranger in the restroom a pad or a tampon or asked someone to check your pants for stains? 

If you have, you’re our kind of friend. For more POVs on health + wellness check out our TikTok. Follow us at @itsfetch.co

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