This may be normal in perimenopause. This is a phenomenon that is less frequently talked about, but good thing you’re in the right place!

We’ve discussed that during perimenopause, the time prior to menopause, there are hormone fluctuations. These fluctuations lead to the occurrence of various symptoms. While many women have changes in their sex drive, it is one symptom of perimenopause that is not directly related to the hormonal state. In fact, it is associated more with psychosocial factors. Lower libido is more prevalent in women during this time; however, some women experience the exact opposite. 

1. Lower work or parenting stress
During the perimenopausal time, some women experience a lessening of stress as their children leave home and their work-life balance has settled. This allows for more time and energy for intimate relationships. Research has shown that marital satisfaction improves after children move out. 

2. New relationships
The excitement of a new relationship can also inspire increased libido. 

3. Improved self-esteem
As women age, they tend to notice greater body confidence. This increased body confidence improves libido and you may feel more comfortable with yourself in the bedroom.

-Written by Paavana Varanasi MD, MPH
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Sex and Libido


Improve libido by adding activities to your lifestyle that reduce anxiety and stress.


Adopt an active lifestyle.

If you're unsure that you're going through perimenopause, we recommend reaching out to you health care provider for further testing. Your doctor may suggest blood tests to check if you're in transition to menopause (aka perimenopause). 

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Adding physical activity to your daily routine can help increase your energy level, improve your mood, and body image. If you're a smoker, try to quit smoking, as smoke tends to reduce blood flow to the vagina and lower the effects of estrogen. Avoid any product that may cause irritation. 

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