Employee well-being is organizational well-being.  It’sFetch provides women with educational resources and  a digital community to help them through their journey with Perimenopause. 

Perimenopause and Your Organization


Are one of the fastest growing demographic in the workforce”
- HNS Inform

As an organizational leader, it's important you know and remember that perimenopause and menopause is a natural and normal stage of a woman's life that cannot be avoided, only managed.  In a UK study that surveyed 1,000 women they found that: 

of women felt that peri/menopausal symptoms led to a negative performance
at work.



of the women felt they needed time off from work due to symptoms.

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“I feel like I couldn't really talk about my symptoms at work. So I kept quiet.”

- kayla m.

What are the symptoms?


Sleep deprivation & insomnia


trouble focusing


body aches


vasomotor symptoms (VMS)

During perimenopuase, the body produces less key hormones: estrogen and progesterone causing symptoms like sleep deprivation.

Women report experiencing a type of "brain fog" as symptom of perimenopause that's closely linked to insomnia and vascular symptoms.

Hormonal fluctuations caused by estrogen and progesterone cause musculoskeletal pain, hence causing pain in the joints.

VMS or hot flashes, and night sweats are one of the most recognizable symptoms of perimenopause.  About 60-80% of women in the SWAN longitudinal study reported VMS symptoms.

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Perimenopause and Your Organization

A separate study conducted by the Newson Health Research and Education, a group of 3,800 UK women: 
  • 60% of the women said their workplace did not offer menopause support 
  • 21% passed on the chance for a promotion
  • 19% reduced worked hours 
  • 12% resigned to their position

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